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Electro spinning has been known since the early 1930’s. It has been used for manufacturing of non-woven fabrics for the textile industry, like fleece fabrics, and for medical use like wound dressing and vascular grafts. Corporations like Imperial Chemical Industries, Bayer Chemical, General Motors, and Ethicon hold all expired patents within electro spinning.

During the 1990’s, thanks to advancements in tissue engineering, the refinement of electro spinning into “nano electro spinning” and fibers in nano sizes began to resurface. Typical fiber diameters produced by these methods range from 5 to 1000 nm; thereby adding an extremely high surface area to a polymeric surface but more importantly giving the opportunity to combine unmixable polymers and drug cocktails into “semi-homogeneous” matrices with extreme volume containments.

Nano spinning combines the process of using a high electric force generated between capillary tips dispensing a polar polymer solution drawn towards the other pole, the target. The fiber diameter and the spun matrix porosity can be controlled by regulating the voltage, solution and solvent composition together with humidity, temperature and pressure in the environment of the process.

Cardio Capacity’s knowledge in nano spinning has been established since 2000 by working together with the University of Akron Ohio US with whom we have fathered products and patents for its use in the human vascular system making the base for the business of Millimed A/S, Denmark.

Lab scale creation of Nanofibers






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