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Market Opportunities

A nano spun polymeric fiber matrix is characterized by extremely high surface which can be directly targeted, constructed into 3-dimensional shapes matching a wide variety of applications, cavities in the human body.

A nano fiber matrix is especially applicable for membranes and products demanding;

  • High surface area with predicable porosity and flexibility
  • Integrated laminate combinations of polymers each focused to meet specific barrier applications like hydrophobic, hydrophilic
  • Biodegradable matrices designed  to erode in timely intervals containing cavities for drug eluting cocktails and biology specimens such as collagen, fibrin, thrombin
  • Biodegradable matrices are so useable for selective cell growth like fast endothelialization by busting NO or for controlling cell proliferation by cytostatics or immune depression drugs.

Products which we believe can be refined by the nano spinning process are;

Patches for wound healing of burns, bedsore and warts or highly flexible gaze and net laminates with inert biocompatible surfaces or a hydro gel center absorbing humidity and dispensing drugs.

Hemostats with collagen and biodegradable surgical adhesion tapes with fibrin / thrombin for suture repair inclusive advanced healing for vascular anastomosis and intestine surgery by drug elution.

Drug carriers like biodegradable flexible wraps placed for drug release on specific sites to provoke and control the cell integration with implants.

Filtration by targeted screen size combined with osmosis membranes.

Heparin loaded tube connectors and haemostatic valve materials.

Mats or tubes for scaffolding of cell growth, artificial tissue and organ repair.


Potential Business Partners

Based on the 5 years exploring work leading to establishment of the technology platform with nano electro spinning for cardiovascular drug eluting products and the general experience within the medical device industry of the Management, recorded in a several pioneering patents, we believe Cardio Capacity can give a matching product portfolio a fast upgrade and impact in the market.

Cardio Capacity’s facility presently accommodate offices, class 10,000 clean room / chemical lab all in compliance with applicable standards. If needed the facility as well as location can meet the medical device certification EN 13485 plus the MDD and / or permit under the Danish National Health authorities as drug manufacture.

The wish of Cardio Capacity is not to establish a fully integrated certified medical device manufacturing organization but to leverage on its core know-how and experience. Therefore we seek to partner with well established corporations where our know-how as external contract developers can operate under existing Quality Manual inclusive development and design control procedures.





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